Billboard blury text not unbluring

hello, i search for blury text on billboard on this site but they all onlydo screen gui or surface gui, so i wonder why text is so blury like this


and one cool game is not have blury text, from game by arch mage



is my propertes

anythign wrong?

Probably your Studio Graphics Settings, change them to maximum (20) and try again.

it still blurimage image

A similar problem is with ROBLOX VR, every kind of textlabel, displayname, or anything that is related to GUIs are extremely pixelated and blurry.

I don’t know why, though!

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Hey, I am not really sure why that is happening. But apparently it’s something to do with pixels per stud

yesi know that why i said i only see screen gui and surface gui questions being answered and not bilboard gui. billboards do not have pixel per stud thingy.

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