Billboard causing text on TextLabel to grow (grrr)

So yeah, the billboard GUI that I’m using (called Richard) is causing the TextLabel (Sandy)'s text to grow when I move away. See images >:(

I am happy with this:


Okay that’s good, I like that size alright, now we are getting somewhere huh.

But NOW, when I move away, Richard does this to poor Sandy the text label

but… THIS!!! what the



What the H? Why is this happening, Richard was doing so well and now… This?

How do I fix this utter violation? (fr)

Use the Scale instead of Offset for your billboard

Try sizing Richard using scale instead of offset.
Example: ({2,0},{1,0}) This should keep Richard in the size of 2 studs x 1 stud.

:sob::sob::sob: Richard stops growing but Sandy’s text still grows and does not stay the same size :sob::sob::sob:

see below:


Richard WHYYY

Try resizing Sandy to ({1,0},{1,0}). If that doesn’t work let me know.

Sandy is already that SIZEEE, arrghhhh

It’s probably the size of the text then. You can try enabling TextScaled, that should make the text fit in the UI.

I made it textScaled, Sandy and Richard may coexist peacefully now

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