Billboard gui overlap

I’m looking for a solution to the issue attached bellow. When you move farther from the gui the badges above move closer together and eventually if your far enough start going into a reverse position. I want them to be and stay centered. How can I do this?


if you set their size to only use scale, they will remain a fixed size on the screen no matter where the player is.

size =,0,0.5,0) --uses scale only
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its just a gui by itself, already scripted. it doesnt have an individual script

If there is no script, did you make sure your size property in the gui itself is using the scale as @Com3t_06 pointed out? Or is it offset? The scale will act as @Com3t_06 has stated.

I think in this case it means you have a BillboardGui with size set by Scale, and you’re positioning those badges with Offset. No scripting needed, just changing the Position property of the badges to be set with only Scale instead of a combination of both. If you’re still having the issue, please take some screenshots of your gui’s hierarchy and show the Position/Size properties of the necessary elements.

You can learn more here: UDim2.

set billboard gui to something like that (5,0,2,0) not that (0.5,0,0.5,0) it may work