Billboard image scaling miscalculation

I have 2 separate BillboardUIs. One of them has the username text, and the other one for an emoji. However, I can’t seem to correctly calculate the position for the emoji, which is supposed to be after the username text is aligned at the center. How could I adjust this?

The Bounds is ScreenGui - Frame - TextLabel, to get the TextBounds accurately.

Emoji.Position = UDim2.fromScale(.5 + Bounds.TextBounds.X / 1000 - .08, 0)
--.5 to match the username text aligned to center?
--.08 to make it more perfectly, but just for my name.

Example of what I need (DOQEE)
Example of miscalculation (PLR_DOQEE)

Why don’t you just combine username and emoji into one string

Guess I just made things overcomplicated. Thanks, haha. But in case if I do manage to use an ImageLabel for this, how would it be done?

Why would you use an image label for an emoji that can be displayed through text? I mean I would probs put it in one frame and play around with scale and anchor points but don’t create extra work for yourself.

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Okay, I’ll see about that. By image labels, I meant decals this time. Thank you for the help!