Billboard particles

Hi, I’m having some trouble with particle system.
Right now, it seems like the only option for particle rendring mode is billboard, which means particles will always be facing the camera. It’s very limiting and makes creating particle systems harder (rain, surface effects, 3D particles).

Now, since Roblox team doesn’t seem to be prioritizing this issue or even responding to it I don’t think creating a topic in #platform-feedback:engine-features would be any useful. Instead I want to find ways to workaround this without major hits on performance.

So far I only came up with a surface gui and creating image label instances, but it might be not the best way of doing it performance wise.

Anyone knows any better methods?

P.S Please don’t suggest using parts instead of particles. It’s more time consuming to make and potentialy worse for performance

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So you’re looking for a realistic particle system? If so personally could you import little particles and play them in like a path but fade out over time and delete them self to reduce lag? I mean there aren’t many ways to go about particles without the base Roblox particle feature. I suppose you could do a GUI that makes it look like there is rain but that’d be hard with prospective and timing and all that.

Yeah, I’ve been doing it for some time. Since all particles face camera I would make a surface GUI on a transparent part and have splatter labels spawned so they stay parallel to XZ plane.
Thought maybe there’s a better way idk about

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This might not be too efficient, but I think you can make 3D parts and use body forces

You could also use beams if you wanted some movement to those particles too