Billboard Ui Glitch?

So all of my billboard guis will display even if they’re off screen. When I look at where it should be then it appears normal. It just started today without me changing anything. It’s really annoying because all of the billboard guis clutter the screen.

I just restarted studio and it is gone? It was happening on my other places but it is gone now.

This is happening in our game (Vehicle Simulator), like the guis are going out of bounds/scale is broken.


It seems like it could be related to this FFlag being flipped back and forth

(Roblox FFlag Watcher)

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I have been experiencing this, where billboard GUIs pop up in the center of the map.

This has been happening recently in Dungeon Quest as well. The nameplate billboard guis have been glitching and showing up on a players screen Blocking most of their view.

Is this glitch happening all the time? If so, shouldn’t this be Robloxcirtical because it breaks some games