Billboard UI Texts not visually updating

I have this Billboard GUI that has texts on it. The texts have a tendency to not update or flicker while moving around. Example:

I’m not sure what’s causing this as when I update the text manually, it shows up. Example:

Was wondering if anyone knows how to solve this issue?

When manually updating the size and severely squishing it, the texts don’t disappear so I don’t think this has anything to do with the size or text not fitting.

Not 100% sure but make sure the render distance is correct.

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How would I check the render distance?

render distance as in the property for the billboard gui, render distance (in studs)
the higher value you set it too , the further away you’ll be able to view it from.
Also judging by the problem you’re facing , try setting the “Description” frame to a larger size ,also experiment with scaling mode [bill board gui] , incresae pixel/stud to 60 or higher than the value already there

I wasn’t sure if you were talking about MaxDistance, but if you were, it’s set to INF.

there isn’t enough space for your text to fit in, so if you decrease the text size or increase the text box size , increasing billboard gui + descendants with it as well then it should work
They do update , just the text visually doesn’t appear.

Thank you~! I just had to make billboard bigger, and the descendants smaller. I’m not really sure how that worked but it did so thanks lol

Nevermind, the issue still occurs. It just happens on a less-consistent basis xd

try making a script that changes the text when the player loads in

The text changes everytime the player walks up to a different egg.

oh, sometimes when text disappears on a GUI I make, I just change the z offset.

Are you changing the Text property inside StarterGui.BillboardGui...Text instead of doing
Players.player.PlayerGui.BillboardGui...Text? I have made this mistake before.

Are you changing the text from the client’s local script?

Is the BillboardGui a descendant of the part or a descendant of the player’s StarterGui?

I think to change the text manually you have to be in the current client

keep the text scaled, and insert a frame first in the billboard gui of size 1,0,1,0 and then inside the frame parent your text directly to it, if youve done all I said you shouldnt face the problem (i did the same thing and i dont)