BillboardGui clipping/disappearing

Hey! I have this issue with my BillBoardGui’s:

It basically clips/disappears randomly when you go too far. Not really sure what causes that. The rectangle should stay the same no matter how far you are, unless the maximal distance for visibility limits you so.

This is usually an issue with the screen resolution. Only one way you can fix this is by making it scale accordingly.

I put all of the BillboardGui components to Scale size values, rather than to Offset. However, the issue still occurs. Any idea what to do?

It’s because scale actually decreases and increases while offset does not. Set it to offset.

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Ye, that seems to fix this particular issue. However, that then breaks the auto-scaling, or zooming basically. The further you go, the bigger the BillboardGui basically is. What can I do to fix both of these issues at the same time?

You could try using an image. I think you are using a frame so an image could work.

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