BillboardGui Nametags Broken

The custom nametags on my game seemed to have broke randomly for some weird reason. They have been working fine before and all of a sudden, this weird bug shows up:

I’m going to assume it’s a Roblox issue?


There should be some kind of code, and you need more info like:

  • What is the expected result. You gave the result, but what is your expected result.

  • Code

This is happening on many games that have not been updated at all, including one I am working on. It does not appear to be a user generated bug.

Then you should submit a bug report.

Didn’t Roblox update the way BillboardGui’s work recently, to add some new properties? Or was that only on the testing sites? I swear I saw Clonetrooper post something about them recently. Maybe that is what has caused this issue.

But, as @incapaxx said, it could be a problem with your code. It’s probably better to be 100% certain it isn’t your own code rather than a Roblox issue before posting a bug report.

The nametags have worked on my game for months, so I don’t see it being part of my code, especially where every BillboardGui in my game is having this issue.

Happening to us too (Vehicle Simulator)

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Well then it’s definitely a bug :stuck_out_tongue: always good to make sure, that’s all.

can confirm, they are broken.

(for some people)

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They work fine for me, did you set a MaxDistance?

I seem to have found the solution.

Setting these properties all to 0 seems to have fixed the issue. Probably new properties I didn’t see.

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It seems like those properties were added 2 months ago, but roblox decided to mess with them now /shrug