BillboardGui not working properly

I have a Billboard gui with a frame. The frame has a UiStroke and UiCorner inside. When the player is close to the frame, it looks normal. However, once the player backs up from the frame, it starts changing shape and looks really ugly. I’m not sure if I need to change a property or something else. Any help is much appreciated!

Close up:

Distance (notice how it becomes more “cube” shaped):

It is probably using offset so that’s happening, use only scale instead, and you will have to tweak it a few times until it appears as you need it

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What is using offset? (BillboardGui, frame, etc.)

Unfortunately, I think that has to do with how Roblox’s UICorner and UIStroke work. The UICorner is making the UI appear more like a square from a far distance (camera). And, the UIStroke is making the boarder around the UI be differently sized based on how far away the camera is.

What I assume Bpandu was saying is that the UICorner and UIStroke you are using have an Offset on the CornerRadius property and Thickness property respectively. This should also be noted: