BillboardGui TextBounds Incorrect

The TextBounds for a TextLabel in a BillboardGui is reading incorrectly, as can be seen here.

And in this video, I show the Size property being updated, to which the TextBounds property does not change.

The replication steps for this are:

  • Create a BillboardGui
  • Instance a TextLabel into it
  • Turn TextScaled on for the TextLabel
    And the TextBounds will read incorrectly.

If they it were to read correctly, you should be able to size the TextLabel itself to the same size as the TextBounds, and it would be the exact same size as the text itself.

Another possibly related bug to this is when I enable TextScaled, the text piles up like this, until I disable it and re-enable it.

This was not an issue to me until the most recent Studio update. I also deleted the UIEditor.rbxmx from the BuiltInPlugins folder in my Roblox directory, in case that may be pertinent.


As a follow up as I try to work around this issue, I’ve tried using TextService’s GetTextSize, but the issue with that is it requires a fontSize parameter, which isn’t possible to provide when the TextLabel’s TextScaled property is true.

It appears as though I am unable to continue forth with my development in this regard until this issue is resolved.


Thanks for the report! @Tiffblocks and I have filed this bug and will schedule work to be done on this.


Was this ever addressed? I appear to be having the same incorrect TextBounds.

This incorrect behavior only occurs when TextScaled is enabled, otherwise the property reads correctly.


This issue still exists in 2021, nice.

This issue still exists in 2022, nice.

Note: Turning on RichText for a label fixes this. Still not optimal for what I am wanting to do though.

Why has this not been addressed?

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This issue still exists in 2024, are there any updates?