BillboardGui TextScaling

Hello, so I’m currently trying to create a nice looking billboardGUI that will not change size at all depending on distance, the size of the Billboard itself doesn’t change and that works fine however, for some reason as you get closer & further, the text within the text label I have in the billboardGUI changes sizes drastically, which is something I don’t want. The TextLabel is sized using scale as well as the billboard guy itself. Any help is appreciated!



Could you send a GIF, video, or place file showcasing the undesired behavior?

Yes, one moment.

The same behavior occurs when running the game,

As you can see in the gif, the text resizes itself as you get closer and doesn’t stay at the original size of taking up the entirety of the TextLabel.

Unfortunately, I don’t believe there’s an easy fix for this. Roblox UI only allows for text to get so big (100px iirc).

I think your only options here are:

  • Make the ScreenGui use offset sizing and MaxDistance
  • Keep the weird text scaling
  • Use UIScale to scale the text without using roblox’s built-in system, setting the “Scale” property to the distance between the camera and the gui.

Can you use a surface gui? I think the text can be resized to as big as you want

Use “Scale” for billboardgui size property and also for the textlabel’s size property.