BillboardGui.AbsolutePosition to display the on screen position

AbsoluteSize seems to work fine and dandy, but AbsolutePosition seems to sit at 0, 0 all the time. Reading AbsolutePosition of a child of a BillboardGui isn’t an option because it’s position is based off of the billboard gui’s size and position, and not the screen. There is no way that I’m aware of to read the position of a BillboardGui on the screen without awkward workarounds, and those resources spent on a workaround could be spent elsewhere if it were easier to find the on screen position.

Currently AbsoluteSize grows (depending on scaling) to massive sizes if the BillboardGui is off screen, and I think having AbolustePosition follow a similar behavior would be acceptable because we would be able to figure out if it is off screen and deal with the obscure sizes/positions ourselves.

In the event I’m totally missing something and just haven’t stumbled upon it, please let me know. Being able to get the screen position of a billboardgui has been troubling my project for a while now.


I’ve also been looking for a way to do this. Anyone know of one?

Going to bump this again.

gonna bump this again, AbsolutePosition still shows as (0,0). You can use camera:WorldToScreenPoint() as a temporary work around.