BillboardGuis do not handle AnchorPoint correctly

When GuiElement’s AbsolutePosition.Y is 0 and AnchorPoint.Y is set to 1, the GuiElement disappears.
Happens when Position.Scale.Y is set to 1 and AnchorPoint.Y is set to 0 too, but you may notice it glitching and appearing when moving the camera.
( Does not seem to happen for other values)

Reproduction file with 2nd scenario (Position.Scale.Y is set to 1 and AnchorPoint.Y is set to 0)

^ messing with camera

^ normally
repro.rbxm (46.6 KB)

Seems intended, it’s just falling outside of the Size of the BillboardGui probably?

Can you add a white frame as background of the entire extents of your BillboardGui and add a screenshot of that here?

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Yes it falls outside, but qdoesnt happen if I set position to 0.001 in scale or anchorpoint.y to 0.99 and ClipsDescendant property exists on BillboardGui thus I don’t think its intended

Expected behaviour.

The same happens if AnchorPoint.Y is set to 0 and Position.Scale.Y = 1
but in that case, after playing for a while you may notice it appearing sometimes randomly.

You might want to include the repro file in the first post, I don’t see it not happen when I “set the position to 0.001 in scale”.

(also be aware that your post currently fails the How to post a Bug Report, which means that it is not guaranteed they will look into it based on the intro; adding a repro and other information will help)

I think it should probably be fine now.

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