Bindable Event [ASK]

Why when I use clone and bindable event inside the clone, it will remove the original instance too, so let’s say I have an instance frame Abc, inside the frame i have button (close) with local script so yeah and inside the local script I make button mouse click event:Fire() and the event connect is script.Parent:Destroy() <— the frame, why if I dont use bindable event it works fine, it destroy only the clone one, but when I use bindable it removes all , including the original one.

I know some people gonna say why I don’t just use script.Parent:Destroy(), but I will tell why I need Bindable Event? Because I want to run the function/event too using other local script.

are you sure your removing only the clone and note the original?

could you please provide a code example?

If i dont use bindable yes, but when I use bindable it removes all including the original. What I want is bindable event but only remove the clone.

bindable events can only communicate one way for example server-server or client-client they don’t allow communication from the client to the server

all is explained here

No, we’re talking about local to local…. , when I only do script.Parent:Destroy() it works fine, only deleting the clone, but because I use bindable event, which on another local script, when i fire the bindable, it also destroy the original one, or is it because the local script which has yeah the event fire , etc also inside the original that’s why the bindable detect and destroy the original too?

could you please provide a code example?

So like this, in the original we have frame and a local script that contain bindable event connect and fire, then i clone it, when i click the close button on the clone, it also removes the original, is it because in the original , there’s also a local script with the same bindable event connect?

I’ll do when I’m on pc. Charrrrrrrrrr

you should try testing that and tell me what happens?