Bindable Event gets "exhausted"

Hello, I have a local script that fires a remote event when the player clicks. That then fires a bindable event. Using print I can see the local script successfully fires every time, and the remote event receives.

However, the bindable event will stop working if I click too fast, refusing to ever receive.

I’m unsure how this occurs, and how to stop it.
Any suggestions are welcome.

Local Script

player = game.Players.LocalPlayer

Mouse = player:GetMouse()
print("script running")
check = 0

lamp = nil
local debounce = false
local oretable = game.ReplicatedStorage.ores:GetChildren()

	if debounce == false then
		debounce = true
		local mousetarget = Mouse.Target
		local targetsurface = Mouse.TargetSurface
		game.ReplicatedStorage.mousehit:FireServer(mousetarget, targetsurface)
		debounce = false


Script receiving remote event and firing bindable

local tool = script.Parent

local check = 0
local mousefunc
		mousefunc = game.ReplicatedStorage.mousehit.OnServerEvent:Connect(function(player, mousetarget, targetsurface)
		if check == 0 then
			print("remote recieve")
			if player and mousetarget and targetsurface then
				if check == 0 and player:IsA("Player") and mousetarget:IsA("Instance") and math.abs((player.Character.PrimaryPart.Position - mousetarget.Position).Magnitude) <= 30 and tostring(typeof(targetsurface)) == "EnumItem"  then
					local player = player
					local mousetarget = mousetarget
					local targetsurface = targetsurface
					game.ServerStorage.toolactive:Fire(player, mousetarget, targetsurface)

					check = 1

					check = 0

Script receiving bindable

local signalone
 signalone = game.ServerStorage.toolactive.Event:Connect(function(player, mousetarget, targetsurface)
		game.Workspace.EventValue.Value +=1
		print("signalone started")
		check = 1

(It is worth mentioning the script above has a total of about 1200 lines which may be why it gets overloaded.)

A couple things you may want to know is that:
-There is no error in the output.
-The bindable event fails to receive only in that script, other scripts listening work correctly.

Its probably getting stuck in some state as the result of your debounces, try removing them and see if it still does.

Good thinking, but unfortunately this is not the case. As I said, the remote event works fine both ways, just the bindable fails. Tested in studio and nothing changed.

Silly me, I redid how this system worked, and the problem seemed to be that every object created from that script, had the 1200 line process acted upon it, from that singular script. Very much an overload.

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