BindableEvent not reciving the event

Hello, so I am trying to move array from one script to another with bindable event but it doesnt work. i think it doesnt gets fired. can anyone help?

part of script where it gets fired.

arr = diamondSquare(arr);
--print(arr, tester(arr));
arr = flatter(arr, 1, 3);

game.ReplicatedStorage.Mesh:Fire(arr, n);

part of script where it should get received

local arr = nil;
local n = nil;

local call = true;


game.ReplicatedStorage.Mesh.Event:Connect(function(matrix, size)
	arr = matrix;
	n = size;
	call = false;
	print(matrix, size);

print(matrix, size); returns nothing

Does it print at all? ////////

No. it doesnt print anything. what is the reason??

No errors either? You could try doing ReplicatedStorage:WaitForChild()?