BindAction and BindActionAtPriority don't mention passing PlayerActions

The documentation for the inputTypes is

Any number of Enum.KeyCode or Enum.UserInputType representing the inputs to bind to the action

This fails to mention that you can pass in a PlayerActions EnumItem.

Also it seems weird that it says any number of Enum.KeyCode or Enum.UserInputType, it seems to be implying that you should pass the actual Enum instead of one of their EnumItems?


I’ve added a mention to the specific kinds of EnumItem that are valid, and changed the wording so that it’s more obvious that EnumItems are the thing to be sent. The site seems to be updating slowly at the moment so give it a few hours for the change to be visible :+1:

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There is a small typo:

It should link to PlayerActions, instead of PlayerAction
Also, shouldn’t this information also be put down with inputTypes description so the documentation doesn’t contradict itself?