BindToClose 100% Infinite Yield


Looking into it.


“enable studio access to API services.”
What does that mean? How exactly do I do that?


On a published game, on the website:



Go into your game settings and enable the checkbox. Data stores don’t work in studio by default.


Took me all day but I figured out what the problem is. Solution forthcoming (keep in mind normal delay for testing & rollout).

Thanks for the heads up.

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Thank you senpai :bow:


If you don’t mind me asking, what was the issue? Or is that sensitive info?


Not particularly sensitive, no.

In a nutshell there is a problem if we set up the “edit” data model’s rendering before we close down the old outgoing “Play” data model: something about setting up the rendering blocks any kind of async/delayed calls associated with BindToClose.

I had to get help from a more senior/more smarter-er engineer to figure it out.


I love hearing the solutions on bug fixes, extremely interesting, hopefully we’ll hear more!


I’m still getting this bug :confused:


This fix hasn’t been rolled out yet


They’re working on it. Hopefully it’ll be out soon (no :tm: required)


This is still an issue :frowning:


Any updates on the rollout of the fix? This is very painfully slowing down development for me.


Well, if anything good comes of this - it lets me test how my data system handles abrupt server closes while player data is still being processed. :joy:


Here’s a direct repro that doesn’t require anything special. Studio simply hangs up for the maximum timeout duration if any functions connected by BindToClose have a yield in them, probably because it never resumes the Lua thread.

game:BindToClose(function ()
	print("Doing some work")

cc @CycloneUprising @DreamingMind


Sorry this has taken so long.
We do have a fix but there have been complications with it.
I believe we have them sorted out, and the fix should go live with our next release (355).
Very sorry for the inconvenience. I know the APS release has been unacceptably buggy: we are reviewing internal processes to make sure this kind of this doesn’t happen again.


Do you have an estimated date for when 355 will be released, or is that unknown?


Isn’t a new Roblox update every Thursday?