BindToClose 100% Infinite Yield


The update is deployed around Tuesday evening and rolls out around Wednesday afternoon.


Any news on the fix for this? Definitely past noon.


Still not fixed :confused:


Confirmed also not fixed, it’s been another week


Still not fixed :confused:


This still hasn’t been fixed as of the last update.


Any updates on this? :confused:


Same issue here, really annoying when i want to test in solo mode.


Please tell me there is a fix coming out for this soon. It’s seriously slowing down development, I have to wait 30+ seconds each time I end a playsolo session when I’m quickly testing a change in my code.


This is still a huge problem, testing safe data store code is made much more difficult and tedious through this.


Really need this to be fixed asap. Are there any update or an ETA?


I can reproduce this 100% of the time when using coroutine.yield. Here’s two examples. The first works fine, and the second causes it to hang:

-- Works fine:
-- Will cause Studio to hang when leaving:
	local thread = coroutine.running()

My game framework utilizes coroutines within the BindToClose callback in order to execute and await the completion of any number of tasks.


Any update? Almost two months since your post and this is still a live issue.


We recently turned on a flag that fixes the original problem as reported.
Since then a separate (but related) issue has been reported relating to using coroutine.yield in BindToClose.

That is still an open issue, as I just heard about it days ago.

If you are still seeing a problem in BindToClose and you are NOT using coroutine.yield, please let me know.


Bumping, as this is still an issue. Is there any update?


Sorry, no. Spent some time on it and could not figure out what exactly the problem was. Will try to prioritize a revisit.