Bioshock Mosquito

I’m a huge fan of the Bioshock franchise. I got bored and made a mosquito from Bioshock Infinite. (If you never played bioshock, I 100% recommend it.)

Right now, it doesn’t do anything, but I plan on making it fly around and hopefully shoot. I have no idea what I’m going to use it for, but what do you guys think about it? :smiley:

Any ideas on how to get the propeller to spin? Everything is welded together, so I tried rotating the weld, and this happens.

No matter what I do, the base of the Mosquito rotates, not the propeller.

Did you try rotating C1 instead of C0? And how are you positioning the balloon? a body force of some sort?

Yeah, I switched them around and it gave the same effect, except it’s spinning in reverse. Driving me crazy.

Balloons don’t have any effect on it at all (much like the game, lol) Just for testing, I threw a body position in the center part to hold it afloat.

I think you forgot the math.rad() there. :stuck_out_tongue:

That propeller should be Part1 and the main part of the body should be Part0.

Try welding the Propeller to a Small like .2x.2x.2 Part, and then weld that Part to the Base, and then make the changes to the weld between the Part and the Base.

I believe when it comes to Welds, the part that is smaller is always moved regardless of either C0 or C1 is used.

I actually just figured out what’s wrong. The propeller is actually spinning, but it’s causing the entire thing to spin as well.
I tried slowing it down and it seems to fix it. You can kinda see what the problem was here:

Basically, the propeller and base was spinning so fast, it looked like the propeller wasn’t even moving, even though it was.

I’ll have to do some work. Thanks.

The assembly is probably derping around. Give it a HumanoidRootPart, rig it up, and use the animation editor to create a spinning animation. It should work fine.

Awesome creation! I love Bioshock.

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I actually made a plugin you might be able to use to get the propeller to work, no animations required. You can get it here. There is also a tutorial on creating a fan with it (which is very similar) here.
Basically, you use it to create a Motor6D and set the rotation point. Then you manually set MaxVelocity and DesiredAngle, make a loop to change CurrentAngle to 0 (so it never stops), and viola, you’re done.