Birthday specials

I just thought of idea as I looked around various sites I usually visit all congratulating me on my birthday yadder yadder and nearly all offered me some kind of birthday gift. Some of these included credit to spend on the site or discounts off products/orders/items. As well as some fun items for my birthday (some print-able birthday hats from microsoft and hats) anyway I wanted to know what people would think if the same could be applied to ROBLOX?

List of ideas for ROBLOX birthdays;

  • Get a discount off a builders club membership (small %) off BC, (a bigger %) off TBC, (an even bigger %) off OBC (yearly memberships)
  • A free days worth of standard builders club
  • A discount on the ROBLOX merchandise store - if the Zazzle ROBLOX store still exists?
  • If builders club is purchased on the day of the birthday 30 bonus days on a year membership or 3 bonus extra days on a month
  • ROBUX purchases over £20 are topped up with 10% extra R$
  • 5% R$ cashback on 1 ad that is started on your birthday

Optional extras;

  • Printable ROBLOX themed hats/figures
  • Personalised ROBLOX themed email to users registered email congratulating them with some swagged out art thrown into the email

Notes: This of course would only work once a year, so a user can’t constantly change their birthday to get the specials as with other birthday special offers on the other sites.

Any other ideas or amendments? Share


I dont think roblox would give anyone free money, or something worth money for free. But if they gave a hat every year that would be cool.


Maybe giving away R$ was a bad idea, I forgot about that. I still think a discount on BC will still be a good option to further push people to develop (and make them feel special)

Maybe a new page in “People” saying “Today’s birthdays” with random people, like ten.

I know this is not a gift, but it might be fun for everyone.

This would be a cool addition.

In other news, happy birthday! @anon80475429 :grinning: :champagne:


It would be bad for them to offer spontaneous discounts on Robux/BC, because of DevEx and how the currency is linked to a living, breathing economy. All the Robux has to be backed by some stable monetary value in order for things to run smoothly (which is probably one reason why they got rid of Lifetime BC, too much Robux being created without any additional monetary backing). It might also negatively affect regular purchasing of Robux if people just started waiting for their birthday to stock up on Robux/BC.

Plus, people would just set their birthday to the day after the creation of their account. :stuck_out_tongue:


A day of BC

I always set my birthday to the day after I register when I know the game offers birthday prizes so…
And if I did that with an alt…

So it would have to be a simple hat that is made for every calendar year to prevent inflation of currency.

My perfect birthday gift on roblox at the moment is a day without the chat filter! That’s all I ask! :stuck_out_tongue:

If they do consider this they should make it so that you can’t receive any associated special within a year of registering, otherwise it’s just exploitable.

(Even then it still is…)

I wouldn’t mind a cool theme or message that pops up saying “Happy birthday username!” with some fireworks or something.


A website theme change would be nice with balloons/fireworks or something else.