Bitter Fashion Official Guidelines

Bitter Fashion’s Official Guidelines
General guidelines and information for the group Bitter Fashion can be found listed in this document. Contained are helpful details which can potentially answer any questions you have. If the answers to any of your questions cannot be found, or you do not particularly understand what a certain section means; please be sure to contact one of our staff members who will be sure to help you.

Bitter Fashion is a Bloxy nominated clothing and game group under the precinct of “fashion.” The group prides itself on over 100,000 dedicated members who excel in portraying their support for the group.

All events are announced and hosted according to Eastern Daylight Time.

Bitter Fashion was established December 27th, 2014 by Axstina and xoMiaxo and is now under split ownership by phreshii and Magaritas.

Group games include, but are not limited to:

All group members are to abide by the following rules. If any rules are broken, there will be consequences deemed suitable by staff members; you are not to question said punishments unless you feel that they are significantly extreme, in which case you should contact a High Rank.

  • Do not spam in-game or on the group wall - Spamming anywhere creates hassle for those whose priority it is to prevent spamming, and for those who would like to communicate with others in the community. If you are caught spamming, you will be given a rank that cannot speak. Advertisement is counted as spamming.

  • Respect other group members - Whether or not the group member is a rank higher or lower than you, you must treat them with the level of respect you would prefer to be treated with yourself; no matter how they differ to you, respect is key to a good community.

  • Do not use profanity - Roblox’s own filter attempts to rid the website of NSFW content; however it is also your priority to make sure that you do not post NSFW content anywhere at Bitter Fashion. Please try to help keep Bitter Fashion as user-friendly as it can possibly be.

  • No discrimination - At Bitter Fashion, everyone is welcome, regardless of their race, gender, orientation, and religion. Therefore, the use of slurs or other behavior that is meant to be hostile towards a specific group of people will not be tolerated.

  • You cannot exploit Bitter Fashion’s games - You should not exploit any game for a matter of fact. Exploiting to benefit yourself can ruin the experience for other members of the community and will not be tolerated.

In addition to these basic rules, the Roblox Community Rules, which can be found here, are also to be followed at all times.

Staffing Information
How do you become a member of staff at Bitter Fashion? This section contains information to help you do just that and gain a job at Bitter.

In order to be considered for a staff position at Bitter, all applicants must be in our communications server.

Event Assistant

  • Bitter holds applications for staff positions - When applications are being held, the group shout will contain any information about applying.

  • If you pass, you will be ranked as an Event Assistant - If you pass and remain in the group once all the applications have been read, you will be ranked as an Event Assistant. If you have left the group before the closing date, your place will be available for a week; after which will be terminated until the next time applications are held.

  • Event Assistants will be excused for the first week - New event assistants will be excused for a week while they adjust to being a staff member. This means you will not be required to do anything for your first week of being a staff member at Bitter Fashion.

Public Relations Team

  • PR applications open occasionally - We open Public Relations applications when we are in need of new members. They will be announced in announcements in the Discord server when they are open.

  • If you pass, you will become a Public Relations Officer - You will receive a direct message from the Head or Co-Head of Public Relations upon passing, which will include instructions for proceeding further. You will have a week to make sure you are in both the group and Discord server after passing, otherwise your position will be terminated.


  • Designer Applications open occasionally - To apply to become a designer, keep an eye on the communications server.

  • Submit your work to them - Submit at least three pieces of your work to the Head of Designs and they will deem you suitable for the group’s Design Team.

  • You must be active - If you are accepted into the Design Team, you must be active as a designer. For every design you will be given a set amount of robux depending on the quality of your design or how frequently you upload. The amount given will remain constant.

Ranking Information
Listed here is a description of each rank and its requirements to help you understand what it means to be each individual rank, which could be useful after becoming a Show Assistant or when applying to become one.

Model Ranks

  • Latest Models - Newly joined members who either want to support Bitter by being in the group or would like to model at shows.
  • Pristine Models - Models who have achieved 4 wins.
  • Gorgeous Models - Models who have achieved 8 wins.
  • Prime Models - Models who have achieved 15 wins.
  • Seasoned Models - Models who have achieved 25 wins.
  • Elite Models - Models who have achieved 40 wins.
  • Flawless Models - Models who have achieved 100 wins.
  • Veterans - Models who have achieved 200 wins.
  • Exemplary Icons - Members who are prominent in what they do. Those who have left a mark on Bitter Fashion, the fashion industry or otherwise.
  • Generation Elites - Members elected by the board of Bitter Fashion who have been acknowledged for their contribution to the establishment of Bitter Fashion as a brand/company (MD+).

Middle Ranks

  • Designer - Staff members who produce clothing for the group.
  • Developer - Staff members who help with the development side of the group, be it building or scripting.
  • Event Assistant - The equivalent of a Trainee/Intern rank, to become accustomed to co-hosting events.
  • Event Manager - Event Assistants who have excelled in co-hosting events and have finally achieved the ability to host events on their own, whilst also being able to host shows.

High Ranks

  • Public Relations Officer - The team of staff responsible for the management of alliances. This team handles all affairs related to allied groups. This position may be acquired by application only; applications will be announced in the Discord server when they are open.
  • Public Relations Director - Public Relations members who have proven themselves proficient at managing alliances, and now act as assistants to the Head and Co-Head of Public Relations.
  • Head Executive - Staff members who have proven to be exceptional at hosting both shows and events and have now gained the privilege of being able to observe and evaluate Middle Ranks.
  • Board of Directors - The team of staff responsible for supervising administrative activities in the group, such as observation, trainings and alliances.

Senior High Ranks

  • Managing Director - Those who direct the board and assign each member of the board a task to fulfill.
  • Chairperson - Members who own the group with the Chairwoman and share the responsibility of approving and enforcing all group decisions.
  • Chairwoman - The highest level of staff possible in the group who, with the cooperation of the Chairpeople, makes all group decisions and maintains the group.

Alliance Information
Provided in this section is all the information you need to know if you would like to ally your group to Bitter, including requirements needed to be met.


  • Your group must have at least 10,000 members - This will indicate that your group is relatively known by many and is prominent.
  • Your group must have at least 5 ranks dedicated to staff members - This indicates a level of professionalism & coordination in your group.
  • Your group must have at least 1 group game - If your group has games, that indicates that you have places where your own community and our community are able to interact with each other.
  • Your group must have a Discord server with at least 1,000 members - If your group has a Discord server, that not only indicates that you have a place to communicate with your alliances, but that you’ve gathered an active and engaged community within your group.
  • Your group games and/or Discord server must be active - This not only indicates that your group has a lot of members, but that there is strong member engagement.
  • Your group must not sell MR+ ranks - This indicates that your group’s higher staff have earned their positions through trust and with the wellbeing of your community in mind.
  • Your group must not be a war/nation or cult group.

Please note that Bitter Fashion acquires full right to allow leniency on boundaries and/or decline applications regardless of whether or not the requirements are met. If we feel that your group has the potential to benefit us despite not meeting all of these requirements, you may be granted an exception by the Head and Co-Head of Public Relations. If you’re unsure about this, feel free to ask the Head of Public Relations about a possible exception.



If your group meets all of the aforementioned requirements, or we’ve granted you an exception, feel free to send an ally request to Bitter Fashion and message our Head of Public Relations the answers to the following:

  • What is the name of your group, and how many members does it have?
  • What type of group is your group?
  • How do you plan to benefit Bitter Fashion after the alliance?
  • How do you expect Bitter Fashion to benefit your group after the alliance?
  • Provide the usernames and Discord tags of 2-3 representatives that will be representing on behalf of Bitter.
  • Close off with a general summary of your group and its community.

Once you have an application filled out, you may send it to any member of our Public Relations team. You may also contact Public Relations for any questions you have regarding alliances.