Bivaro Game Moderation

Bivaro Moderation Updates

Bivaro is a Roblox based cafe group that strives to create and maintain a welcoming, safe, rule abiding community for all interested users to enjoy. In order to maintain this environment, we have evolving regulations and moderation procedures in order to keep changing our moderation depending on what works best. Some of the actions that will receive moderation at Bivaro include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Acting disrespectful to anyone
  • Being irrational or acting in a disruptive matter
  • Purposely causing confusion
  • etc.
  • Using special characters to bypass chat filter
  • Using exploits to bypass chat filter
  • Finding alternative ways to bypass rules
  • etc.
  • Using scripts to disrupt game flow
  • Using GUI to disrupt game flow
  • Accessing internal scripts to disrupt systems
  • Using scripts to steal game assets
  • etc.
  • Spam messaging multiple things at random
  • Sending an excessive message at random
  • Spam messaging a particular word or letter/letters
  • Sending an excessive message/word/letter
  • etc.
Roblox Terms
  • Breaking any Roblox Terms
  • NSFW comments, threats
  • etc.

Moderation Actions


  1. One Warning: Ex. Please refrain from trolling.
  2. MR+ is called to kick: Ex. :kick (user) (Trolling)
  3. If rejoins and continues, HR+ bans: Ex. :ban (user) (Trolling after one kick)


  1. Screenshot proof and call an HR to permanently ban: Ex. :pban (user) (Bypassing)
  2. Report proof in Discord
  3. Note: This offense is a permanent ban because it is bypassing Roblox’s chat filter rules.


  1. Screenshot/record proof and send to an HR+
  2. HR+ will permanently ban user: Ex. :pban (user) (Exploiting)


  1. Screenshot proof, and report
  2. An HR+ will ban: Ex. :ban (user) (Spamming)

Roblox Terms:

  1. Screenshot proof and report
  2. Call an HR+ to permanently ban: Ex. :pban (user) (Breaking Roblox Terms)
  3. Report to Roblox

If unsure about moderation, ask an SR+.

Written by szekio VP Bivaro
Approved by Bivaro Ownership
In Place as of 4/16/22