Black And White Fighting Module!

Introducing the Black And White Fighting Module!
Seen something like this? (Not my image)
File:FightAnim3.gif - Wikimedia Commons
Now you can recreate this effect in Roblox!
Part 1 of the Anime(ish) resources pack.
Great for special moves, and final moves.
Heres an preview of the effect!


Highlights and ColorCorrections were done to make this effect.
Download the test file here! I know the name is long, sorry, I didn’t think of a name.
BlackAndWhiteFilterFightingTest.rbxl (260.4 KB)
Here’s the model if anybody wants it.

Let’s explore the commands!


This command is to add a B&W filter effect to the model.

Target is the variable to the object you are gonna add. Multi-Objects are supported.
Color is a Color3 value. It determines the color that you can add.


This removes the B&W effect from a model.

Seen in

Castle Period

BLO: Bacon League Online [ALPHA]

Now you can make super-detailed games that have realistic fighting scenes!
Oh. Yeah. You can also use this for an intense scene, a final move, a special move-- anything!
Thanks for downloading my module. Feel free to DM me a name for this module.
Feedback and ideas are appreciated!

Works best with…
EZ Camera Shake
Moon Animator (

Super Spoiler
Blender Animations [spoiler][spoiler][spoiler][spoiler][spoiler][spoiler][spoiler][spoiler][spoiler][spoiler][spoiler][spoiler]can't find the link[/spoiler].[/spoiler].[/spoiler].[/spoiler][/spoiler].[/spoiler].[/spoiler].[/spoiler][/spoiler].[/spoiler].[/spoiler].[/spoiler]

No credit is required. Just dont copy this as your own.