Black and white mess on Roblox Devforum

On Firefox, while using any dark theme on Devforum, it appears to be broken the theme mixes black and white which makes unreadable texts:

Using Chrome, the text is quite readable and everything works fine:

The theme I’m using is “Gray Amber”:


I still want to stay with Firefox, and do not want to get back to Chrome. Thanks.

EDIT: The bug was found while going to Firefox.


I’m not much of a Firefox user, but can you check in your flags and find “force dark mode on web contents” and see if it is on? Sometimes it will go terribly wrong and mess up everything. For example, I have it on and emojis look very weird:


In Chrome - It’s default.

But I guess you can’t enable/disable it in Firefox.


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Latest version of Firefox user on Roblox Dark. I can’t reproduce this.


It might be problem of force dark mode feature in browser, You can try making setting your theme to white based theme and let browser make dark mode


Looks like Grey Amber is the next non-standard theme to go broken.

You can try using “Roblox Dark” instead.


I thought so too, but it is not:

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Still a thing. image

Not only.

Can’t reproduce on Edge:

Try factory resetting your browser and uninstalling any browser extension / css modifications / etc.

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Hi, could you provide more instructions on how you got this result from a fresh browser install? I tried on Edge/Firefox/Chrome latest versions, and I can’t seem to get this to occur. As mentioned above it is possible a browser setting or plugin is causing this to happen.

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I disabled every plugin on Firefox. It appears to be plugin’s issue, because with every plugin disabled my theme is fine. Thanks for contacting me.

Edit: R+ extension was the issue.


I’ve been using the regular “Dark” theme ever since I’ve been on the Dev Forum from what I recall and I’ve never experienced any issues.

I turned on “ROBLOX Dark” for the purpose of testing and I don’t experience this issue either.

I’ve used Firefox for as long as I remember, so this was most certainly an issue on your end.



Did you make an attempt to read the thread? There was no need to make this post, the issue is already resolved. Make sure to read before posting. (literally the post above yours)

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My apologies. I misread the post and thought that the issue was still persisting. I don’t usually make mistakes like these and I’m very much aware now that the issue has been resolved, thank you very much.

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