Black lines on cursor

For months now I’ve had these diagonal dashed lines on my cursor in multiple games. It happens whenever my cursor gets changed. Default pointer is fine without the lines. It’s like whenever I get a crosshair for a weapon.

I’ve already deleted roblox program files and reinstalled it. No success. Haven’t been able to find anyone else with this issue.

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Are your graphics drivers up to date? That is all I can think of that could cause this issue.

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I’m not sure if its really about the drivers, the post states that the default cursor is fine
I don’t know a lot about drivers though so I’m most likely wrong

I’m thinking there is some sort of script in the game that’s causing this in some way


Naw this happens in multiple different games and I’ve found no one else with the issue.

Seems to be related to your cursor settings, try checking those.

Yes I’m going to go turn off the black lines option.

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Did it get fixed? Waiting for an answer.

No. There is no black lines option. It was sarcasm. After your suggestion I looked through mouse settings and files and when I turned on trails the lines were trailing too so it might not be a roblox issue. Still would like help.

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I have the same problem. I equip some tool and black lines appear on my cursor.