Black Ops Zombies Main Menu Showcase

This is the main menu of my game that i am working on Call of duty black ops zombies, still was working on it and wanted to showcase the main menu etc!

I will post the game in this group, but the development will take some time,!/about

(video with sound)


Also some feedback would help thanks,

I think it’s done well, the use of lighting and music really creates a nice atmosphere that fits the genre well. However, I’d recommend emphasizing the menu more, it’s a little easy to miss. Putting it closer to the player, or making it brighter would help.


Thanks for the feedback and recommendation!, i want to say that this menu is temporary to show how the game menu would work and when i start working on it i am replacing it with another gui and adding maps on it and it would be more brighter than this

Wow this is amazing. The lighting looks great and the music in the background just totally fits with the genre. But I think that the selection menu should probably be right in front of the player. Great job!

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Thank you for the feedback <3 , also i know, the menu that is being displayed here is temporary and will be replaced

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Wow this is amazing! I can’t wait to see the map selection!

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Thank you!, also yeah there will be map selection with atleast 2 maps when the game is out because the maps are kinda huge, there is like 13 maps from what i know

Super cool man! Reminds me of the good old FNAF days :+1: I suggest making the camera go only 100 degrees max not 180, that’s all! Really cool! :heart_eyes:

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Thank you for the feedback + suggestion!, also wasn’t the limit 90 degrees?