Black Space - Credit

This post is about the group Black Space.

Main Hub


Dev_Khrushchev - Lobby/BioLab/Main Sector Builder.
Azuelix - Mutation/Core/Cabins Builder.
AfraidFourarms4 - Coolant Sector + Old Sector Builder.
TheArtificial3 - Assets Builder, Small Area.
X_Isolo - Assets Builder, Small Area.


Trystanus - Main Programmer, Project Leader, DataBase Manager.
Somewhat_Unknown - Scripting, Asset Importer.


Maxximo09 - GFX, Main Icon Maker and GFX Importer.


Valve - Models, Textures, Sound Files.
Unknown Worlds Entertainment - Subnautica SoundTracks.
Shizi - Changed SoundTracks.
LolWut_Dude - Alarm Light and Elevator Cage and Camera Models.
Vistiaire - Black Space Security Uniforms.
lkj705 - Uniforms.

Main Hub