BLACKBIRD Gun System Documentation


API.SetClips(Tool Object instance, Amount int)
API.SetFireType(Tool Object instance, FireType String)
Fire Types

  • Auto
  • Semi
  • Burst

API.TempBlacklist(Player Object instance)
Returns boolean success or not.
API.TempBlacklistById(Player Id int)
Returns boolean success or not.
API.UnTempBlacklist(Player Id int)
Returns boolean success or not.
Returns boolean success or not then table after that.

local success, weapons = API.RequestAllWeapons()

if success then
       print("hello world");

Request API

In-order to interact with BLACKBIRD API you must request it from the server, before you can do that must wait until BLACKBIRD Fully inits.

repeat task.wait() until (BLACKBIRD MODULE:IsReady() == true)

if APi ~= nil then
       -- code here such as API.RequestAllWeapons()



We use a tag editor under CollectionService to tag instances in Roblox.

Marks hit marks of bullets. This is useful for target practice to see where your bullet traveled. This tag has an alternative and responds to BaseParts named HitMarker

Ignore its descendants from bullets.

Use this for bullets to ignore and travel through, to group a model & its descendants use BLACKBIRD_IGNORE_MODEL

Enable ricochet on Parts to ricochet onto players, this will also ricochet parts with Classes DiamondPlate. To blacklist it from ricocheting add BLACKBIRD_RICOCHET_DISABLE

It will prevent damage to a player until its health has been destroyed. This requires an IntValue with the name “Health” in the same directory and/or folder for Health Level. Changing the value to increase will increase the armor etc. We have examples in the kit. This requires the subs to be also selected other than the armor system breaks.

This enables BaseParts to be broken once a bullet hits it or X amount of damage has been reached. To Set health add an Attribute to the BasePart named BLACKBIRD_BREAKABLE_PROP_HEALTH with a Default value of 40 for a good amount of shots to break. Same as BLACKBIRD_TYPE_ARMOR this has subs and requires one of them enabled to properly function. BLACKBIRD_BREAKABLE_PROP_HEALTH is optional if not added it will delete upon one shot. Add BLACKBIRD_BREAKABLE_PROP_RESPAWN attribute with int value in seconds until respawn. Default is 120 seconds (2 minutes), glass despawns after 1 (therefore min wait of 1 minute + your time till it respawns). This is also optional to add BLACKBIRD_BREAKABLE_PROP_DESPAWN for despawn time of glass, default & min is 1 minute. Respawn parts are cached into ServerStorage.




Same as armor, its damage level is increased to Torso Damage Level, then actual player health will go down once its armor is destroyed.
Same as armor, its damage level is increased to Head Damage Level, then actual player health will go down once its armor is destroyed.

This blocks parts named: Wheel, FR, FL, RR, RL (these are all common among chassis systems) will be able to be shot, once shot the wheel will pop! Useful for law enforcement.

Gun Types

Similar to a rifle, the alternative is a sniper. Supports auto, semi, and burst. This uses Rifle Animations.

Supports auto, semi, and burst.

Supports auto, semi, and burst.

Bullet Types

  • Explosive
    This will kill nearby players and large explosions, this is used for RPGs.
  • Bullet
    This is a regular bullet lol.
  • Laser
    Star Wars.

Fire Types

  • Auto
  • Burst
  • Semi

UI Styles

  • Light
  • Dark Default
  • Future
  • Anime
  • Marine

Camera Types

  • FPS - First Person Default
  • OTS - Over the sholder
  • TPS - Third Person (No Aim requirement).



ServerScriptService must have LoadStringEnabled. This is for obfuscation to be properly executed.


Download RAMPAGE CLI ( and place rbxm in ReplicatedStorage and run install blackbird false ReplicatedStorage

Delete a Global Ban

rbxTech issues global bans on players performing exploits against the system. To remove a global edit your Datastore BLACKBIRD_Bans and delete the key. The key is the player userid. Global bans can last up to 9100 days. We have an automatic watchdog watching our systems.


This page is made for the documentation but if you are interested it’s only 700 Robux, which use to be 3,000. rbxHub - Roblox

Recommended Addons

I recommend using Evolve UI by us, great addition. Only 5,000 Robux for full system. Purchase it at rbxHub.

Mobile/Console Support

In Alpha Release, report bugs to @vq9o.

Update Archive

0.2.7 5/1/2022


- Entire system re-write
- Better Recoil Support
- Better and less laggy casting
- Casting now with fastcast
- Easier way to add animations
- Plugin to easily setup blackbird
- Better API
- Better Camera Handling
- More immersive gun experience (More HUD effects, etc, and feel)
- Working on leaning
- Proneing
- Some services of BLACKBIRD Failing to load now will work properly. (Sometimes squads, etc)
- Hud Revamp
- Grenades
- Smoke Grenades
- New Explosive Effects
- Screenshake
- New SW Features

- Extensive Smart AI Enemys Addon ($2,500 Robux or $15 USD) (very hard system to develop)
- Gun Customization Menu Addon ($1,500 Robux or $8 USD)

0.2.6 5/1/2022


! Themes fixed
+ Scope Zoom for FPS
! Squads Fixed
! HUD Fixed
+ New Global ``AllowCustomCrossHair``. Allows users to set there own custom crosshair via settings.
+ New Sway
! Laser lag fixed
! Laser now self-disables if gun is unequipped to prevent floating ball
! Hit SFX fixed
+ RPG Explosions are heard farther away compared to bullet hits.
! RPG Explosion Damage Fixed
+ Quickly mass-upload & edit all animations with RAMPAGE CLI. No longer hard todo! ``blackbird config animation``
+ New Tags BLACKBIRD_FIREARM_PISTOL and BLACKBIRD_FIREARM_RIFLE REQUIRED FOR Animation Installer to find all blackbird firearms. Default weapons pack includes them tagged.
+ TPS Support
+ New Laser effect
+ Glass Despawn
+ Glass Self-Repair

0.2.5 1/8/2022

- Bullet Ricochet. (Damages you & team mates hit by ricochet (Disable via global as RicochetDamage)
- Debug Tracer Added. Track where bullet is heading, (Enable via globa as DebugTracers) (lasers not exactly perfect, made for ricochet)
- UI Fixes.
- MaxRicochet Added. Max times a bullet can ricochet.
- RPG Blast Radius Increased
- Now can tag parts to be blacklisted & ignored. Use BLACKBIRD_IGNORE_PART for parts, Use BLACKBIRD_IGNORE_MODEL to ignore Model (Auto Adds BLACKBIRD_IGNORE_PART to its descendants).
- V Change mode disabled.
- Riot Shield Added In-game (Bullet Proof + Ricochet)
- To make a part ricochet, must be DiamondPlate or have the tag BLACKBIRD_RICOCHET_ENABLE. BLACKBIRD_RICOCHET_DISABLE is not a tag.
- Fixed fire animation to play when shooting. (May need to fix fire-rate to get it to look realistic)
- Gun Recoil re-work to have customization.
- Tactical Pink & Lime Green added.
- Other Fixes.
- Destructables Audio Distance Fixed
- Hit Mark Audio Distance Fixed & Coloring fixed
- Fixed Hit Mark Particles to only show for half the old time.
- New automatic firing particles. (Destroys particles in FirePart under the tool, atm non changeable unless you snoop around in resources to change em).
- New Interactive Realistic Laser.
- Bullet Hitmarker added. Tag parts with BLACKBIRD_TYPE_HITMARKER or Name it HitMarker
- Bullet whizz added
- Bullet whizz screen effect added
- V to switch firetype added.
- UI Theme Now requires a textlabel in "Main" called "FireType" this displays if the gun is semi, auto, or burst.
- Cross hair cycle has been finally added!
- Burst Fixed
- Patched Abusing Click to shoot faster
- TPS Added
- Sprint Support
- Patched gun firing after unequipped.

To allow firetype changes/edit keybind. Please use updated gun-settings otherwise BLACKBIRD won't work.

New fire animations coming soon, Ill release this update later when I can find myself not lazy to obfuscate the code. (takes alot of time as it breaks code sometimes :(, so yeah debugging is not fun)

0.2.4 12/29/2021

- New Animations for Rifle Holding (Gun Points in correct position now in FPS aswell.)
- Sniper Support Added
- Sniper can scroll in the scope & gets blury.
- New Default Sniper Added
- More bug patches
- Removed gun loading delay to be tad faster.
- Squads Added
- Menu Added (press G obviously)
- :prepare constructor re-done, functions in a new method.
- crouching added (C)

0.2.3 12/28/2021

- Automatics Fixed
- Burst Fixed
- FPS Fixed
- Delay fixed
- Vest & Helmet Added
- Accessory bug allowing you to take zero damage patched
- Fixed reloading stuck on screen
- Other patches
- Fixed example glass in workspace to new glass tags.

0.2.2 12/24/2022

No Update Log - Debugs.

0.2.1 12/24/2022

No Update Log - Debugs.

0.2.0 12/24/2022

Breakable props tag is now BLACKBIRD_BREAKABLE_PROP

Breakable props must now also have a prop type. Types supported are below, this new change removes default glass sound to allow customizaiton for props. Default sound is BLACKBIRD_TYPE_WOOD if non is specified.


Automatics have been fixed in this release.

Some new settings have been released to prevent team kill Or you can allow it, not only that we added support for customizing the function to check if user is eligble or not to damage a specific player.

Customize Hitboxs have been added to global settings so if you have custom avatar model for Roblox you can now add the custom parts to it.

We added some more default stuff to BLACKBIRD such as vests & guns to easily import into your game.

Console Spamming & Bugs patched! Encounter any please message @jake . rbxTech is sorry for this delayed release. Should be out later today, sorry for yalls long wait.

0.1.0 X/X/2019

No update log, old private version of our system used exclusively for RAMPAGE Games