BlackBox Studios! is hiring! Advanced Programmer

Hi there, I am Crrustyy. The CEO and Founder of BlackBox Studios! We are creating a new, unique game on roblox, that would change MMORPG games for the better! I would be scripting some of it, just need an advanced scripter who can do various things!

About the job

We need an advanced scripter who has the following traits:

  1. Kind, Careful and great to work with
  2. Works quickly and carefully
  3. More than 4 years + experience in LUA
  4. Able to attend weekly voice call meetings
  5. Can script: Advcanced AI, Pay-to-build Placement system, advanced levelling system and a ‘choose level’ option GUI!


I am willing to do $10 required script, along with 40% of group profit.

What would this job bring me?

This job is great! You get to work with a lovely team (@usuallyreggie , @rikk_yt , @Crrustyy , @Ultrahoon ) and have a good experience. We are a supportive development studio who listens to your worries or requests.


Contact me on the developer forum or via Discord @ TaylorOnShow#0447

When applying make sure to provide past examples, a resume/portfolio, why you want to work with BlackBox Studios

When chosen a scripter, the title will be titled as closed.

Thanks for reading! You must be 16 or older to apply!


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