Blackdust Inc. - The Future of 'Prototype'


For those who dont know what ‘Prototype’ is.

  • Prototype is a former upcoming survival game, inspired by DeadMist, by petro180 and also inspired by Quarantine-Z, created by C:\Games\ - Roblox
    it’s name is also, a prototype, mainly inspired by the roblox game ‘Concept’, by FlightTheory.

Due to the upcoming Policy Rollout update, i’ve made the decision to cancel the project,
or at the very least, put the project on a hiatus.
I used UGC items in the making of Prototype (and still use them), because my modelling skills arent that great.
It does not seem worth it to be working on a project and then get DMCA’d because i was using UGC items (i did say that i was using UGC items on the description)

What will happen to Prototype?

It’s fate is yet unknown. i may either cancel it or just, open-source the entire thing.
If the policy does go through, i may open-source the game.
If it doesnt, i may continue it’s development and turn this into a update log.
i have other plans for it’s gun engine.

Either; all this or i’ll just remake it’s code/assets lol.

Until then, we hope this policy update doesnt release.

- Hoshin

Link to the Policy Update announcement:

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