Blackhole Realtime Graphics | [TFD-01]


I recently rewatched interstellar and immediately thought of seeing if anyone had created anything close to what was in the movie, now the results were quite lacking. For elaboration, I would see black holes that were just circles with transparency refracting. Or it would just be a black neon ball. I decided to spend about 2 hours designing one myself, and that leads us here.

Final Product

I decided to run it live in roblox instead of doing some sort of after effects or digital editing to make it seem legit. I wanted it to be as realistic as possible, while also being in roblox.

I took the liberty of naming it the TFD-01 since I needed to make a black hole anyways for one of my games that is releasing in the future under my group; C.N.L.I

I’d love feedback on this as I wanna see if I could do anything else to really put the cherry on top.


Does roblox support light refraction and stuff like that? If not, you might be able to make some sort of a script for it.

You aren’t able to make refraction without a path tracer renderer, or access to the fragment shader.

Both which roblox doesn’t provide.

This is a fantastic creation, and it’s even more incredible if you think about the fact that you made it in just two hours, in my opinion it’s this type of creations that can bring Roblox one step ahead :smile:
My compliments!


This black hole looks good! Nice job on it!

Looks amazing. The quality of the orange part seems a little off to me. Also, more detail in the background might match better. Nice work!