[BLACKLANDS] Hiring 3rd professional builder for Large map | Paid

I am hiring a 3rd builder to double the production of buildings for our game, Blacklands. I am the project leader. Please post diverse examples relevant to buildings like these with high detail, if possible. High detail does not necessarily mean the most parts.

Blacklands is an open world survival game, and soon to be featuring a fun additional Battle Royale game mode. There is a uniquely large map that is waiting to be filled with authentic and large cities & towns. Our objective is to fill the map with quality environments to battle in. I will not stop until Blacklands is Top 25.

We’re looking for a 3rd builder to help my current builder, env_s. This map is large, and in addition to fully-fledged industry ranking towns I want to fill it up with unqiue locations as well. For this reason, we need more man power.

  1. This is paid. Starting rate is 2,500 R$ per building, but this is only due to the fact that the game is a minor player. Once the game makes substantial sums there will be large payouts.
  2. Buildings must have elements of:
  • Gameplay design | If you’ve ever heard of the “3 lane system” in call of duty, that is a gameplay design. Not only do buildings need to look good, they must have intentional design that guide the player. Gameplay is essential.
  • Visual excellence | They must look good. We’re not only attempting to blow out the Roblox competition, but even compete with real games in the industry as much as possible.
  1. As a tag along, a good builder knows when to use detail and when not to. Too many parts and complex meshes slow down a game, and I would very much appreciate someone who knows when to use the appropriate amount of detail only when it’s worth it.

Work must be of equal or better quality to env_s builds

To apply, message me examples through this post or by message or join our discord server, go to the #hiring-builder category and post pictures. If I like what I see I will respond, do not multi-message me.


Hello! I’m Interested!

My Portfolio: [OPEN] Mashdee | Modeller, Graphics designer

My Discord: Snaps#1024

Kindly reminder to please also post examples that are relevant on top of examples of your other random builds. This includes single buildings with typical color schemes.

If you’re still looking for a builder, I am interested. Shoot me a DM here or message me on Discord: ceoria#2218.

Portfolio is here.

Reopened, hiring 3rd builder.

To quote myself,

To those who ask, the pay is still 2,500 R$ per building. Will increase as game becomes more popular.

Portfolio:[70% Off] EternalCanadianDev's Building Portfolio | Investor, One Man Armoury {Guns, Armour and More...}

Contact if your interested.

Thanks for reading.

  • EternalCanadianDev :smile:

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