Blacksite Zeta - January 31st Update Log

Content Additions

  • New Sector 1 - The old Sector 1 has been completely removed and replaced with a much better one, having a much greater layout and size while not being as demanding as the old one.

  • Sector 3 - Sector 3 has now been partially implemented, including just the entrance for now. We ideally wanted to implement the whole Sector in this update but that simply wasn’t possible due to development time constraints; it will be finished in the near future and represent the overhaul of Blacksite Zeta’s power system.

  • New Checkpoint Area - The Checkpoint Area has been overhauled, having a much better layout that provides a lot more coverage of the surrounding area and easier access between different Sectors.

  • Zeta Labs Research Area - A Research Area has been implemented for the Zeta Labs team, housing the Facility’s brand new vault which stores some information that is quite valuable to them. Currently that is as far as the usage for this area goes but we plan to expand upon it in Part 3 of the Mega Update.

  • ZMTech Gadget Vendor - A brand new vendor going by the name “Jack” has showed up near the entrance of the Zeta Labs Sector, selling three cool gadgets (we will constantly be expanding the variety over-time) to staff members. In the future we plan to implement a similar vendor for Hostile Forces which will sell stolen ZMTech gear.

  • Prop Overhaul - Nearly every prop / object in the Facility environment has been overhauled, including doors & gates. These new ones have a more varied design than we previously had and are more properly optimized.

  • Radio Device - There is now a Radio you can use on most staff teams, to use it simply hover your mouse towards the bottom-right side of your screen and use your scroll wheel to cycle between different options, clicking to select your desired option.

  • Supply Drops - Facility Directors now have the ability to request a supply drop once every 30 minutes, the supply drop will contain five lots of heavy armor & weapons which should assist whoever picks them up.

  • Cameras - Cameras have been added around the Facility, currently limited to usage by the Facility Intelligence, Facility Administration and Facility Director team. You can cycle between Cameras by pressing F while on any of those teams. Keep in mind the Facility Intelligence team also gets the ability to click hostile players while using a Camera to expose them.

  • Heist - There is now a heist you can do on the new Vault within the new Zeta Labs Research Area to earn some credits, the heist may be completed on the Patient or Hostile Forces team and has quiet a long duration including a few sequences to actually initiate the robbery itself and then an end goal of returning the stolen goods to a buyer. You can purchase a Heist event with either Robux or Credits through the events section on the Store UI. The Heist also has a maximum pay-out of 15,000 credits per person.

  • Cinematic Mode - There is now a button in the top-left of your screen near the chat activation icon which allows you to toggle all of your UI for a more cinematic experience.

  • Controls UI - There is now a Controls UI in the bottom right side of your screen which changes depending on certain items held for reference on how to use them.


  • Weapon FX Overhaul - The majority of the Weapon Effects in the game have been re-designed from scratch, offering a much cleaner and visually pleasing design.

  • Facility Intelligence Loadout - Facility Intelligence members now get access to a supressed MP7 & supressed M9, allowing them to go for a more stealthy approach than usual.

  • Footstep Sound Overhaul - Every Footstep sound in the game has been changed, the new ones sounding significantly better on surfaces.

  • Hostile Forces Loadout - Hostile Forces loadouts have been re-designed, including some new AK variants to better fit their origins & allow for more variance.

  • Facility Administration Tablet - The Facility Administration team has been given access to a more toned down version of the Facility Director’s tablet, allowing them to interact with gates & turrets.

  • Night Vision Goggles - The Night Vision Goggles have been overhauled, properly adjusting to the environment properly now without any range issues and allowing for much better vision in the dark. Hostile Forces can now also buy a pair from their vendor.

  • Lighting Adjustments - The Ambience System we’ve had in the game for a while has been completely re-done from scratch, allowing for proper lighting adjustments in different areas. We haven’t expanded to far upon this for now but have used it to tweak blackout lighting to fit more of a blackout scenario that it previously did.

  • Situational Music - We’ve had background music in the game since the beginning but we decided to overhaul it for this update, properly cycling through music instead of constantly changing it. Music now also changes depending on the scenario you are in eg. during PVP you will hear more intense music fade in and begin to overtake the previous track.

  • New Hitmarkers - We’ve updated the old Hitmarkers, opting for a more modern and pleasing design for hit-feedback.

  • Store Events Section - We’ve updated the Store UI to include a new events section which currently allows for easier purchasing of the Hostile Missile Strike.

  • Facility Director Tablet - We’ve updated the Facility Director tablet to include a new abilities section which you can use to: call for a supply drop, lock the nearest door, request assistance and make announcements.

  • Missile Strike - We’ve made it so you can now also buy the Missile Strike for Credits instead of Robux.

  • Menu Scenery - The Menu Scene has been updated to one that is less dark & lacking, although this is just a temporary change since we’re updating the Menu in Part 2 of the Mega Update.


  • Fixed a bug where you were able to change teams while using vent shafts.

  • Fixed a bug where you could not shoot through metal detectors.

  • Fixed a bug where you could not shoot through push doors.

  • Fixed a bug where the Interaction UI would not disable itself after a successful interaction with an object was made.

  • Performance should now generally be better for players, by re-modelling all of the props we managed to significantly reduce their average triangle count and we also disabled shadow casting on anything that doesn’t need it.

  • You can use the startheist command in VIP Servers to start a heist.

  • You can now buy an M4 SOPMOD from the SRS/FS Vendor

  • The M16A2 in rank loadouts has now been replaced with a FAMAS.