Bladeborne - A Upcoming Melee and Magic RPG


Bladeborne is an upcoming melee and magic RPG game inspired by Mordhau and Pilgrammed. A demo for the melee combat is coming out soon and I’ll post again when our dev team has finished.


We aim to make a smooth combat experience and to achieve that, we decided to make a indepth combat system with many features. This combat system was inspired by Mordhau, with parrying, feinting, and a stamina system.


Stamina is a system made to manage features that you’ll hear about later in this post. If your stamina runs out then you can’t use some features which you will also hear about later. There is a stamina bar at the bottom of the screen so the player can see how much stamina is left.


To make swinging feel as good as possible we have added various things to give visual, and auditory feedback to the player. Starting off, when your sword hits an enemy it has pauses the animation briefly, before continuing it. This conveys to the player that the sword is going through a physical object, with density, and it adds feedback. A sound also plays when you hit the opponent, and a hitmarker animation plays. If you miss a hit then you will lose some stamina.


Right clicking with the sword equipped makes your player attempt a parry. If you time the parry correctly, the opponent will be stunned briefly, giving you time to attack back. Being stunned means you can’t parry or swing, and your character moves slower and can not jump. If you time a parry early, a cooldown will be triggered, giving your opponent a free hit.


Feinting means to cancel your attack before your player swings. Doing this will cause the opponent to attempt to parry early, giving you a free hit. To feint in Bladeborne, press Q in the time before your player winds up the swing, and the player actually swings.

Visual Effects

Some visual effects include blood effects that appear when you hit an enemy. (3D Blood Coming Soon), a hitmarker for when the player hits an enemy, a vignette when the player is low on health, sparks when the player parrys, and a trail for your swinging blade.


The demo is not out yet and wont be for about 1-14 days. The demo will feature melee combat and some features for suggesting features and reporting bugs, along with some basic settings.


Our youtube channel is here:
We already have one devlog out but another one will come out when the demo does.


To see some combat examples, check out our first devlog here:


Programming and VFX - @26bananaboiii23122(me)
Programming and Animation - @yaumama