BLADEBOUND: Q/A with Robbie2K Repost

(The following is a repost of a pending topic since it included the discord link.)

Hello! I’m Robbie2K from Bright Crystal Studios again. Recently, I have been contacted by friends of mine who are following development of BLADEBOUND, and asked me a few questions that I’d like to share with you all.* These people will remain anonymous.* Without further ado, here’s the Q/A!

Q1: What is this game about?

I can tell you some details of the description of the game without spoiling too much of they game. Just so you know, this is a single player game. Here it is!

Surviving in these dangerous lands, fate chooses Herleif’s time to fulfill what his parents would have wanted for him, to defend his homeland. Going across the difficult expedition in the Scandinavian country of Norway, he must adapt to his new environments and face against enemies from a dark power that crawl across Norway. Explore a vast and massively open world, filled with natural features, livestock, and interact with others in this incredibly immersive expetience. Find and collect various weaponry to battle the enemies around the world you will find. The world is all open for you to discover.

**Q2: How big will the map be, and will it affect performance?

The map will be created in terrain, so it will be bigger than most games on the platform. How it will affect performance will depend your PC, but you will need at least a mid end PC or turn your graphics down to ensure top performance. StreamingEnabled will be used in order to make the game in a playable state, or if it cannot workout, then we will split the world’s into fourths in four different places.

Q3: Will BLADEBOUND be available on other platforms?

Right now, our focus is on PC, but we could potentially have a mobile version along with console versions in the future, once we have more knowledge in programming.

Q4: Will there be any in-game purchases?

Besides the game being a paid access experience at 400 ROBUX, no, you don’t have to pay for anything else.

Q5: Why did you come up with BLADEBOUND?

It’s a little complicated, but I came up with the idea when I was practicing my story writing. Then, I had an idea click to my mind when my story can be translated well into video game form. Then, after playing a few soulsborne games, I thought to myself that the adventure genre in ROBLOX can pushed further and capitalize on all the features the ROBLOX engine has to offer.

So that’s all from me, don’t forget to follow our ROBLOX group, and I will see you all later!

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