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What you’re paying is $12 max, so if it took the two hours I would suspect it would take to make this, you’d be paying $6/hour which isn’t much. Sure you can’t raise the price cap?

Most of us have a paypal set up, so you could pay us in actual cash. I always keep a couple hundred dollars around in my paypal to pay random people for random things.

1k to 6k?

A fair price for software engineering of this nature would be around $10-$15 an hour. My guess is that someone talented could crank this out in two, which would make the price roughly 25 or 10,000 R.

6k is the max i would go.
im kinda short on money atm

Then you might be out of luck unless someone is willing to do charity work. It might be a good exercise to attempt this yourself, you know?

David before talking money i usually like seeng results

You can edit posts btw

when i posted it i saw the mistake and looked for the edit and couldnt see it only displayed The bookmarker

Davidii is right. You aren’t going to see anyone making offers unless you offer more. The amount of work is too high for the amount of pay offered.

I will pay 10k Only if the Gui is Perfectly how i stated up there and that it is easily configured (I can add more islands to the map) @Davidii

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