Blender 2.8 importing location error

I was wondering if anyone else was getting this error. When I split the parts in blender 2.79 and import them, they all remain in the same spot as they were in blender. But for some reason, when im importing them using 2.8, they all split up and dont stay together.

Anyone else having this problem? And how can you fix this?? (im importing using fbx)

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Have you got some kind of message like “This mesh have a location data”?
If you, then press yes.

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Are you importing with location?

Select all parts in Blender, press Ctrl+A and choose Apply Location. Let me know if this fixes it.

This is only a guess, but i’m thinking 2.8 might handle the center points of exported meshes differently.

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I tried that this morning, isn’t working either. It’s weird because its also changing the size of each model and makes some bigger than others. I’v talked with some other modelers and they are also running into the same issue using 2.8.

(and yes I am using import with location)

Do this in Blender first:


Then import into roblox with location

This should fix your issues but if you still have issues PM me and I can help you figure them out.

Still dosent work. And it also changes the size of bricks. Honestly at this point i think its a 2.8 error because other devs are having this problem. It didnt exist in 2.79 :((:

Sorry for the late reply but this isn’t a 2.8 error from my experience but I don’t import as fbx. I’ll try to guess at the first fixes I would try:
Import one mesh then change the mesh ID on it without changing locations so you can easily position it.
Try importing each section 1 at a time.
Import as an OBJ, I forget if vortex paint transfers as obj but if I recall texture paint does.
Import as a single part and check the collisions.