Blender 2.8 insert problem and how to fix?

got blender 2.8 been a bit confusing but had these problems on 2.79 and could easily fix but how i fix them in 2.8?

i have backface culling active and shows that i have filled it in but not really. Heres an example.

plus i have already filled it in by pressing “F” dont know where the option is to completely cover it.

I won’t be able to help you here (since I have no Blender experience). I however would suggest going to forums dedicated to Blender (or joining relevant servers on Discord), as it seems Rōblox’s idiosyncrasies don’t affect what you’re trying to do.

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ctrl-n flips the normal in blender, at least in 2.79


What are you trying to achieve; if you are attempting to join the vertices, you can press alt + m while selecting both vertices and click “merge vertices”. If that is not what you are looking for, then please elaborate.

Yes Hello sorry about this, already figured out the problem long ago. Thanks anyways!