Blender 3D Model - Pickup Truck

Hello, my name is Extorx!

I achieved my goal of modeling a car in Blender a few weeks back. A few weeks later, I 3D modeled a pickup truck. In my opinion, the truck turned out way better than the car. I definitely will say this without a doubt, I have improved my modeling, but I still have a lot more to improve on. Modeling time was way better for the truck than the car, so am I happy about that.

Tris - 9,468
Faces - 4,548
Verts - 4,999
Meshes - 21

Total Model Time - About 4-5 hours

| Please feel free to leave feedback on it! |

Thank you!

Photos below



looks good. high poly count though. this model only has 3700 triangles

try and do away with the bevel modifiers :slight_smile:


Thank you! The poly count isn’t that high. It’s not meant to be a low-poly or high-poly vehicle. I’m not really good at either. If I left out bevels, it would look super “blocky”, and I don’t want that. I still have a lot to improve on.

If that’s your car, wonderful job! Hopefully, I’ll be able to model like that one day. Anyways, thanks for your feedback.


I rate your model :+1: because I can’t make good ones. Keep your good work up!

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Although I have no experience when it comes to building/modeling vehicles, not only in Roblox but games in-general; I’d say the windows/window heights seem a little out of proportion. Taking a look at the rear window, for example, it just feels a little…weird? Not bad! Just kinda off a little, if you get what I’m saying.

Other than that, great work! Keep it up.

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Wow! Love the low poly feel too the truck. Makes you feel like your in the country. Maybe add some hay in the back if that’s what its for! Great job:)