Blender and Roblox Studio Theatre Design (Free for use in any capacity)

Hello Everyone!

A while back I worked on a theatre model that was supposed to be used in the last bloxy awards but Roblox did not end up putting up applications due to their own custom animated version of the awards.

This model only got as far as the design stage (because of the lack of certainty with the applications) and would have to be scaled / scripted according to your needs / projects. put it together as much as I could though.

Here’s how it looks in Blender and Roblox Studio, a little speedrun of the whole process to where it is now:


Theatre Design - Blender and Roblox Studio Files (Public) - Google Drive

Both the Blender file and the Roblox Studio file are available for download and can be used in any capacity, completely royalty free.

Game link:

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Wow this is really nice! I like the realistic build of it! Keep up the good work!


Thank you, appreciate the love : )


you have made the first Roblox game that can actually make my client lag, :clap: :clap:, good job, that is a hard thing to do.


Lmao yeah, it for sure needs some optimizations. i tired to instance my meshes as much as possible though : )

Very pretty model.

I downloaded the .RBXL for the explicit intent to see how well that workflow truly is in practice, since I’ve only ever put making an entire game in Blender as a farce dream.

Unfortunately, it looks like collision boxes are an issue as I expected:

[ Plugin: Show Decomposition Geometry ]

but at least PreciseConvexDecomposition can mitigate these issues to an extent, but I’ll probably stick to my ‘MeshParts for props/detail, parts for structure’ workflow. Oh well.

That said, expecting a 29 million triangle game to behave well for what are generally a high traffic game (and many of which mobile users) is quite the bold move- especially considering my GTX 980 is puttering 22FPS on it.

On the note of workflow, it looks like you may benefit from the plugin, Studio Command Panel.

Select a part, then press P, you’ll be able to make queries such as Select Similar Size to automatically select all other parts in the workspace that match your selected part’s dimensions. Likewise you can use Color, Material, Appearance (for both), and All, and can provide a range parameter if desired. Super useful for mass recoloring.

Best of luck.


Some really useful info there, I hope it helps people who want to use it for their projects : )

Extremely nice project. It’s a shame Roblox didn’t do applications for Bloxies. Keep up the good work. :+1:


Lovely project you have done, like the others said keep up the fantastic work!

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That’s really cool, how did you make it?

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Modeled everything in Blender and then bulk-imported / re-assembled and instanced in Roblox Studio : )


if it alright if this gets modified for commercial use? i’ll credit you for the base theatre.

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For sure : ) Can’t wait to see what you do with it!

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