Blender animation does not show in studio

ive got this animation i made for a sail using a cloth simulation that i turned into keyframes but im not sure how to import it into studio, it does not use bones so im not sure if that affects it for importing into studio because when i use the built in animation tab and use “import from fbx animation” it shows some keyframes but none of them animate the sail.

animation tab keyframes :

blender animation (gyazo link):
any help is appreciated


I don’t know if blender animations convert into studio.

I say this because if you want an object to be animatable in studio, there needs to be a humanoid and joints, it’s kind of annoying.

Is is possible for you to re-animate it in studio?


sadly i suck at animating and dont think roblox has any auto cloth physics that i can use like i did for my blender animation. i think the error may lie somewhere with the model not having bones and using shape keys for the animation instead, hopefully they add support for it some time soon.

Yeah hopefully. In any event, want me to try and animate it for you?

that would be great, ill rig it and send it here.

here it is! hopefully the rig doesnt cause you too much trouble. i left a rope mesh in so you dont animate the sail through it. there are also holes at the bottom corners of the sail that i left in so you can be sure you dont stretch the mesh over it. i wish you luck and appreciate it.
riggedsailmesh.fbx (1.1 MB)

when exporting this as an fbx, turn off “nla strips”

tried doing this and it seems to do the same thing. i think this lies with it having 0 bones and using shape keys instead of a regular animation. thanks for the reply though

shape keys don’t work on roblox sadly

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