Blender animation ruining Export bug

Hello, I’m a Viewmodel animator and I’ve recently created a finger animation rig for firearms. I’m attempting to import my animations but there is a huge problem.

My animations are being visually changed and edited when imported and do not look the same. Different parts of the rig such as the left arm, right arm, and gun do not sync together and jitter around. However in blender they are perfectly synced.

I’ve found no working solutions. I’ve changed the in studio animators FPS to 60 (the same FPS that it is in blender) then I’ve tried turning down Blender’s FPS as well as the in studio animators FPS to 30. No avail, I had also tried the multiple import options listed as FBX and Recommended which also did not change anything. Finally, I tried changing the keyframe snapping to none and frames which surprise, did nothing.

I had this issue awhile back when mesh deformation first came out and it prevented me from making any animations and I promptly gave up. I thought it might’ve been cause the feature was new and unfinished, but it seems that it still is.

If a staff member sees this I’m willing to provide the .blend files in DMs. But due to the fact that is is for a project I sadly cannot post it here.


how did you do this? Sorry to ask. I have something ive been trying to figure out for a week now and im going insane.

What specifically, the rigging? animating? exporting?


Oh my god I almost went insane. I found the issue, its a single blender setting when you’re exporting.
The “Simplify” option will mess with your animation and change how it looks. This is noticeably different with rigs using child constraint structures instead of rigging parts as children of other bones to have them follow each other. I hope to help any animators having this issue and prevent them from going insane too lol.


exporting to roblox. it doesn’t show anything, it says that the animation baked but it never shows it in roblox. then when i actually use the animation, nothing happens.

I don’t use the blender plugin. It’s outdated and broken by either blenders new updates or roblox’s updates. Or a combination of both. I’m using an FBX rig that I’ve made in blender then exporting it to roblox as an FBX.

How did you make the good animation so smooth though?

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Through animation experience and skill? Not quite sure what to tell you. There’s not 1 way to do it.


curve editor maybe!!