Blender Animation

I decided to model my own SKS and animate it using Blender.

I would love to hear your feedback.

Heres it with sound

Sounds are from IW


Edit once again. 5/11/2022


Make some more character movement, from what I see, only the arms and weapon is moving.
Make it more flashy! (e.g., a sort of bounce effect, more movement etc.)
But other than that, nice job! :+1:

(and nice job on the gun btw)


Looks great! I like how you took the time to actually add some sound to it!


I think one of the main reasons only the arms move is because the other parts will be using the standard
Roblox animation and the reloading animation will just lay on top of it.


Is it possible to use blender animations in roblox studio? I mean use them with non imported characters?

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You can import animations to roblox using the Blender animations plugin and blender plugin, but you do have to export the character as a obj.

Can the animations only be used on the exported obj or can i save the animation to roblox and it use it on all characters?

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The gun clips through the dummy’s torso, you should fix that

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Only if the animated parts have the same name.

If it wasnt clipping, the arms would’ve been super streched forward, but thanks for letting me know.