Blender Animations | Camera movement

Can anyone make a guide or tutorial on how to use the camera in blender to make cinematics/cutscenes and also how to export that, if applicable.


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Have you done any research yourself? A quick search on Youtube resulted dozens of results for Blender cinematic tutorials. Asking us to make a tutorial on such a large topic isn’t reasonable when there are already plenty that exist.

As for exporting, camera movement is not a thing that can be imported into Studio. There are however plenty of cutscene plugins available in Studio.

I’ve watched countless videos on blender animations, but I haven’t really found what I’m looking for. That’s why I’ve resulted to look through here for some professional advice. As the people in this forum use blender efficiently and professionally they will know the simplest way to use the camera and some tips on how to make it look smooth.

I am not using it for a cutscene. I am making a trailer for a roblox game, so it will likely be exported as a video file.

A lot of the rules for using the camera typically follow general cinematography rules - rule of thirds, three point lighting, using focus effectively, etc. Maybe the reason you can’t find what you’re looking for is because you’re searching for the wrong thing?

Additionally there are Blender add-ons that you can access via the Edit tab
Type in Camera in the popup and enable the Add Camera Rigs for the more user-friendly and effective dolly and crane rig types.

As for actually making a cutscene, you’d need an actual video editing software for adding in things like sound FX, trimming, and exporting into a proper video format. If I remember correctly, Blender has these things but they’re very bare-bones and frustrating to use (or requires plugins) - just another example of Blender trying to do everything haha.

Remember, Blender is primarily rendering software, not video editing software.

Also, does the camera act like a normal part e.g. left arm? Or is it different?

I will export the render into a video editing software to add fx and whatnot.

The camera rig acts like an ordinary rig (it has an armature) that you can pose and animate. You can add keyframes to most (if not all) object types already, including the default camera. This add-on is just more of a quality of life thing.

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Alright thanks! I’ll get back to you, if this was the solution I was looking for :slight_smile: