Blender Animations not importing correctly

Im trying to export my wings model and the idle animation that goes with it. But every time I try importing the fbx file into the animator it only imports like 2 frames of the animation.

Whenever I try importing it on roblox it gives this message


I’ve tried searching up many tutorials on how to properly export the animation, but I can’t find anything related to my issue.

And whenever I try changing the settings while exporting from blender, it never changes anything. For some reason I can’t find a reasonable tutorial on youtube on how to export just the animation. And whenever I look at a roblox related one its either outdated or provides little to no detail on how they do it. I feel stuck for I can’t find an option on Blender to export an animation. Only the model.


First I’d check if the rig was imported correctly, like are all the bones there and do they control the correct parts of the mesh?
I’ve found that 90% of my problems with importing from Blender are due to incorrect rigging.

This is working correctly, you can’t export only animations.
I’m not sure if you’ve already attempted this, but try exporting as fbx with only the armature selected and with these settings



As for your message, it doesn’t matter which one you pick, but I found that selected tends to work better. (If it doesn’t work for you, try FBX).


It worked! Thank you so much. I was really struggling with this.

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