[Blender] Boolean modifier's difference function not working properly

Greetings, so i am trying to make something in blender using the boolean modifier’s difference function but the results are not as expected.

i want to get that full “D” on the model but its not working. any solution for this?
thanks for reading.

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Thanks for flagging me, whoever did.
I must admit, I don’t fully know how to fix this issue.
But, I do suggest to use blender 2.8. (:
It’ll make it so much easier, with the new UI and possibly solve your problem.

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I just used the Boolean mod with a Difference operation and it worked as expected.

You should try applying the Boolean mod to the “D” object, and the the object made of cylinders should be the Object the mod works with.

Additionally, @sasial, while you’re right that people should move to Blender 2.8 if they’re able to - saying just that without actually helping isn’t constructive to the OP and is off topic.

Thanks for the feedback mate.
It’s just a suggestion.

thanks for the reply but unfortunately i didn’t got what your trying to say. can you explain in a better way?

Try applying the Boolean mod to the other object. I’m sorry but I don’t know how else to explain it :stuck_out_tongue:

I will say though, that you should always refer to Blender forums or Youtube tutorials for Blender-specific actions like how to use mods, nodes, etc because 1. There’s a lot more documentation. 2. There’s a lot more support. And 3. A lot more people are even able to help.

For instance, I googled “Blender 2.79 boolean” and came up with a number on video tutorials.

I recommend doing that for most of what you’re doing on Blender instead of asking here. You’ll get better help faster that way.