Blender Character Animation

Creating Character Animation in Blender

Content of the Topic

* Adding a skeleton to a model created with Blender
* Transferring a skeleton model from Blender to Roblox Studio
* Creating animation for the transferred model from Blender.

Explanation of the Steps in the Topic

Adding a skeleton to a model created with Blender

Step 1:

To add a skeleton to the model you have created in the Blender application, go to Add > Armature.

Step 2: Switch from Object mode to > Edit mode in order to better position the added skeleton (bone or rig) part to your model.

*You can switch to Wireframe mode by holding down the Z key and moving the mouse. This will allow you to place the skeleton more accurately.

Step 3: Click on the end of the skeleton, press E, and then move your mouse in the direction you want to enlarge the skeleton.
Once done, you will have a skeleton like this; make sure it fits your model well.

*A completed model with a skeleton.

Step 4: Next, switch from Edit mode to Object mode, then select both the created skeleton and your model (select all) while holding the SHIFT key (or press A), and press CTRL + P on your keyboard, then choose With Automatic Weights .

*This way, you have combined the skeleton and your model.

Step 5: Save the project from the File menu and convert it as .FBX.

*Converting it to .FBX will allow it to be opened in Roblox Studio.

Transferring a skeleton model from Blender to Roblox Studio

Step 1:

Open Roblox Studio, go to the Avatar tab, select Import 3D, and open the .FBX file of your skeleton model created in Blender.

*You can import your created model like this.

Step 2: Make the desired adjustments in the opened tab and then click Import. (You can also directly import without making any adjustments. Those options are optional.)

*After importing, your model and skeleton will be combined. Adjust the size and color of your model as desired.

Step 3: After adjusting the color and size of the imported model, open the Animation Editor in the Avatar tab, select your model, and create an animation.

*You can give your animation a desired name.

Creating animation for the model transferred from Blender

Step 1: When you start creating animation, you will see pink skeletons within your model. You will create animations by moving and changing the orientations of these skeletons.

*Precise movement of sequentially arranged skeletons will result in a better animation.

Step 2: Here's the key point! The more parts your model and skeleton have, the smoother and better the resulting animation will be. Carefully move each part and realize what your imagination presents to you in the animation.

*I recommend having a model and skeleton with many parts :smiley:

Step 3: While creating animation, adjust the shapes of animation movements second by second using Keyframes, the white squares. Do this meticulously so that the resulting animation looks good. You can determine its length from the time on the left.

*White squares - Keyframes

Step 4: After finishing your animation, click on the °°° (three dots) on the left to save it. Then, again from the three dots, click Publish to Roblox.
Copy the generated ID and use it in scripts or animations as needed.
Below, I'm sharing a small animation I created.

Our topic concludes here; I hope it has been a good and enjoyable explanation. If there are any gaps, I apologize.

Studio is a tool! It is a tool for conveying the wonders that our imagination presents to others.

Wishing you healthy and wonderful days :smiley:

from ayldzli