Blender Custom Character Animations

I have a custom character mesh I split into multiple parts for my game. The idea is that it’s a bug model and players can eat individual pieces once it dies. I had it rigged and animated in Blender, the issue is that when loaded as multiple parts it will play in the animation editor but in-game it won’t play the animation. I tested it and it only works if the custom character is 1 mesh.

If there is a way around this and I’m just uneducated on it please educate me I’d really love for this to work.

Expected behavior

I expect that it should be able to play regardless of whether the character is 1 mesh or multiple parts.


Hi, thanks for the report. We need more information to understand this issue. Would you be able to provide am .rbxl showing a reproduction of this behavior ?

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beetle.rbxl (315.1 KB)

Here ya go!

Make sure to set the PrimaryPart of the model to the root part of the rig!

It is. This is just a place I had my animator make for them.

Have you had a chance to look at it? I don’t mean to be impatient, but I’m waiting on this so that I can release my game!